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Introduce the function and characteristics of the gluer

Release time:2020-05-19 source:Dongguan Ruibao mechanical equipment Co., Ltd

Gluing machine is one of the auxiliary equipment for the production of cartons. It is mainly used to complete the gluing process in the process of printing die-cut cardboard to paste into cartons. Different from the manual gluing process, the gluing machine has the following advantages: saving glue, environmental protection, no waste; preventing the hand and work objects from being involved in the glue storage tank and roller; the gluing thickness, width and speed can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements; the glue is uniform, does not drop, does not leak and breaks quickly and orderly; the built-in time control device can accurately and automatically break the glue.
Functions and features of gluer:
1. The gluing machine has a safety design to prevent the hand from being involved in the roller and the working object from being involved in the glue storage tank.
2. The coating width can be designed according to the customer's requirements, and the roller size is 30-300 mm.
3. The roller speed can be adjusted according to the working requirements, and the temperature of the glue residue and roller can be controlled independently.
4. The motor of the hot melt gluing machine adopts stepless speed change, which is convenient for the use of large and small materials.
Application scope of sizing machine:
Gluing machine is mainly suitable for large-area over gluing in footwear industry, leather, jewelry, building materials, sports equipment and other industries, which can replace self-adhesive.

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